Music For Isolation

by 36



For many of us, what is happening right now with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetimes. To see entire countries shut themselves off from the rest of the world during peacetime is heartbreaking, but these extreme measures need to be done to protect people. The advice by medical experts is clear: We need to practice social distancing, wash our hands and stay at home as much as possible. Every time we are in a public space, we are potentially opening ourselves up to infection, while also becoming vectors to infect others. It's an uncomfortable situation, but to keep ourselves and our families safe, we have to temporarily make sacrifices. To continue as normal is both reckless and selfish. We don't know how long we're in this for, but the sooner we accept this new reality, the more lives can be saved.

I am in the incredibly fortunate position to be able to make a living from creating music. It's a dream for me and I wouldn't change it for the world. However, I am painfully aware that during times like this, the priorities of people naturally shift and the essentials like food and shelter take priority over the arts. Artists, like many other professions, are already feeling the negative effects of the shutdown, with cancelled tours and live gigs effectively crippling their livelihoods. It's a certainty that many artists will be left in dire straits financially and be forced to resort to other means to pay their everyday expenses. I expect many will be forced to release new music to cover costs. In a world that is often quick to devalue music, this is by no means a certain solution. However, while we're all stuck inside our homes, no doubt driving each other crazy, the importance of the arts in our lives will become crystal clear. The power of music, particularly ambient music, is that it lets you transcend your four walls and dream far beyond them.

In this sense, I created a new EP called 'Music For Isolation'. It was written very quickly over a few days in March 2020, using a very minimal setup of looped strings, piano, choir, a couple of synths and various effect units. Each track is sequenced in the exact order they were made. No tech-boy noodling. This is music written from the heart, doused in the anxious vibes of the moment. Put in on your headphones, lay down and see where it takes you.

It is free/pay what you like. If you are struggling financially, this one is on me. If you are in a more fortunate financial position, any payments you send will be greatly appreciated and help a lot in this uncertain new reality we find ourselves in. It is digital only for now, as the vinyl situation is already facing difficulties of its own due to the fire at Apollo. I wanted to give people something to listen to right now, when it's needed the most. If there is demand in the future, once things settle down, I will consider a physical release.

Many thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the EP. Stay clean and stay healthy! - Dennis/36


released March 17, 2020

Written, produced and engineered by 36
Artwork & Typographical Design by 36
Cat# 3SIXEP005


all rights reserved